fluid transformation from within

Volker Frank Consulting supports business leaders, managers and their teams to resolve organizational challenges and move towards their desired goals. We use unique systemic methodologies that provide repeatable results for organizational growth and improve the quality of the work environment.

Strategic planning focuses the collective efforts by articulating the overall direction of the organization and specific goals. The resulting collaboration energizes the organization and produces congruent results: thoughts, emotions, and actions in alignment.

Discover new ways of aligning yourself and your team to effectively interact with the collective dynamic generated by the organization and overcome internal dysfunctions. Organizational constellations reveal the social dynamics that affect organizational behavior regardless of the individuals involved.


Executive coaching guides business owners, leaders, and managers through internal transformations that provide the perspective to move through challenges with clear leadership stances.



Special Invitation

Join us on

November 7, 2015

for an evening of Work and Business Constellations where you will get very different perspectives on
resolving difficult situations at work

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