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Organizations, like all social systems, develop a range of social dynamics based on aspects like their structure, culture, and key individuals. These systemic dynamics have a tremendous effect on the behavior of departments, teams and individuals. They enable organizations to deal with increasing complexity and continuously improve their products and services. And they also create cross-purpose work, dysfunctions and at time fierce animosities between different areas of the organization.


Volker Frank Consulting is offering the new approach “organizational constellations” to experience these dynamics that operate largely outside of our everyday awareness, to business leaders and managers. Organizational constellations reveal these hidden dynamics and provide surprising information and new perspectives that will enable our clients to deal with organizational challenges in more effective ways.


Here are a few examples of situations in which the constellation approach can provide useful insights:


 -  Difficulties reaching team and personal goals

 -  Recurring difficult situations in collaborative efforts

 -  Resolving dysfunctional power structures

 -  Difficulties following changes in leadership positions

 -  Reducing employee turn-over

 -  Intentions to improve team dynamics or key relationships

 -  Restructuring organizations

 -  Support for difficult decision-making

 -  Intention to strengthen leadership

 -  Generational transitions in family businesses

 -  Merging organizations

Our constellation methodology reveals overlooked resources and hidden issues that increase the effectiveness of other consulting and organizational development methods.  The personal, yet impartial nature of constellations can efficiently highlight interpersonal and/or interdepartmental obstructions and entanglements in as little as two to four hours.


The constellation method was pioneered in Germany and has been widely adapted in Europe since the ’90. Companies of all sizes have embraced this approach to support them with their organizational challenges. Volker Frank Consulting is among the first American based consulting groups to offer this phenomenal tool to organizations in the United States. Contact us to find out more about the ways constellations can support you with the organizational and leadership challenges.


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