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You are invited to bring your MOST entrenched and difficult client issues and experience them from a new perspective.

If you are looking to do something different:

Join us for a day of experiential explorations of organizations and their behavior using systemic and organizational constellations.

Constellations have been used in Europe for over a decade and applied in a wide variety of contexts, such as global corporations, family businesses, public and non-profit organizations. Now you can participate in a one-day workshop exploring the hidden contracts between organizational units, individuals, leaders, teams, and the role you can play to initiate change.

Hidden Contracts - Silent agreements
Leveraging systemic dynamics in organizations to initiate change

What drives behavior in social systems? What influence does institutional memory have on events today where the cause and effect may be separated by a time gap?

We all know the great feeling when it is easy to respect every aspect and behavior within an organization and initiate change where our suggestions and interventions are well received. But what happens when our efforts bounce off and work feels like moving mountains?

If our analytical mind gets lost in the complexity of the situation, could we sense our way into systemic dynamics – the hidden contracts - that get in the way of our efforts? How would it be to make suggestions and recommendations that have lasting impact on change if we had a felt sense of the system and the dynamics that drive its behavior?

Experience the effects of the three driving forces in organizational dynamics.

From observation it is possible to distill social dynamics into the combination of three basic forces that have a strong and mostly unconscious effect on organizational behavior and the individuals within them. When these forces are properly respected and included in our awareness, we have more choices and a much broader sense of clarity and personal power - whatever our role in the organization.

In this workshop you will learn through applied, practical experience. Our focus is on the experiential learning based on real-life situations of the professionals that participate in the workshop. Constellations use representatives for various aspects of the situations, so that the learning experience is available for the entire group as well as the person who offers their real-life situation as an example.

As a result of this workshop, you will gain a dramatically new perspective on organizations. After the experience of Constellations you will never see organizations the same way again. You will know how to sense into a situation and appreciate the hidden contracts and silent agreements that create the current dynamic.


Saturday, October 11: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Lafayette, CA - call for details


$125 per person, $180 for groups of 2 or more

Call Shahrzad with any questions or comments about the workshop at 707-227-5997. Or call Volker Frank to learn more about Constellations at 510-653-1986.
Space is limited so reserve your place soon.

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