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Systemic Constellation: Discovering Our Place in the Present

Are you noticing how certain patterns in your life mysteriously repeat over and over?

Are you experiencing discomfort, struggle, or fear that just seems to be part of life and it would be great to live without that?

Are you interested in releasing a sense of being stuck or holding back in order to fully step into a truer expression of your self?

We all organize our lives in ways that keep it recognizable for ourselves and the people around us. In most areas that works really well most of the time. And we all have experiences we would rather do without. Often, they feel really familiar even though the circumstances may look different from the outside. These experiences can get in the way of developing loving and lasting relationships, rewarding and satisfying careers or realizing projects we are passionate about. And no matter what we do to change, the obstacles seem to persist. What is going on?

We are inviting you to join us for a day of explorations that will give you a very different sense for how we are connected to our families and the lives of the people that came before us - sometimes several generations back. We can get a first hand experience of the ways we are tied into and sometimes entangled with unresolved issues of our parents, grandparents and possibly other ancestors. While this may sound surprising and even odd, the experience of release and stepping into our personal power is palpable and healing for everybody who witnesses the process of Systemic Constellations. When we deeply respect and honor the sometimes difficult lives of our ancestors, we are able to fully embrace ourselves and the life we want and deserve.

Then we are present and our attention can stay focused in the here and now.


Sunday, February 22: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Lafayette, CA - call for details


$125 per person, $180 for groups of 2 or more

Call Shahrzad with any questions about the workshop at 707-227-5997. Or call Volker Frank to learn more about Constellations at 510-653-1986.

We limit the workshop to 15 participants so reserve your place soon.

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