executive coaching

Volker Frank Consulting offers one-on-one coaching services that enable leaders and managers to develop new and creative strategies to deal with difficult situations. In our approach we increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence so that our clients can exercise more choice in their decision-making and the way they resolve difficulties.


Our human brains are wired to create a consistent sense of who we are and in what kind of a world we live in, which is a blessing most of the time. It allows us to build on our talents and skills to develop a successful career. The other side of the coin is that we encounter similar challenges and difficulties, which we often accept as “the way things are” without a sense of being able to influence what is happening.


Our approach to executive coaching brings attention to those underlying patterns that are intertwined with the difficulties we encounter. Noticing the patterns interrupts the automatic ways they influence our behavior and opens us up for new choices that changes the way we work and interact with others.


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