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Organizational Constellations in Sydney, Australia

Increase organizational effectiveness

Working in organisations is complex and it can sometimes be difficult to get things done. As business owners, managers, and organisational consultants we often look toward changing functional roles and work processes in order to make collaboration smoother and more efficient and to produce better business results. At the same time, it is clear that many of our challenges revolve around key relationships and group dynamics and, therefore, our usual approaches are not very effective at resolving obstacles.

Organisational Constellations provide safe, respectful and non-judgmental perspectives on the social dynamics that influence the way people work together. Participants get a direct experience of the prevailing perceptions (like trust/mistrust) and dominant concerns (like lack of reciprocity) and where individuals and groups direct their attention in very simple and clear terms. In the course of a constellation, a participant learns what role s/he plays in the current dynamic and what changes in perception and actions will have the most beneficial effect in resolving the challenging situation. Participants often experience a great sense of clarity and strength after a constellation that allows them to confidently take the next steps.

Organisational Constellations are facilitated in groups, where members serve as representatives for aspects and key individuals in the organisations of others. These workshops are highly experiential and require no prior experience or background knowledge. We build on the questions and reactions after each constellation to give all participants a way of applying their impressions to their own circumstances.

This workshop is for business owners, managers and business consultants.


Saturday, November 27, 2010: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Liminal Pathways

Point Piper,

Zest Waterfront Venues-Royal Motor Yacht Club
Sydney, Australia


AU $450

Please call or email Gisela Wendling for more information: 0401-601-590, Space is limited so reserve your place soon.

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