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Are you thriving in your workplace?

Many of you have experienced the power of Family Constellations. Organizational Constellations are widely used in Europe to reveal and often re-solve entangled dynamics in our work place and/or in the businesses we are creating.

Work and Business Constellations will offer you a new perspective in the ways your personal experience, behavior and decisions are tied in with the systemic group dynamic of your business and/or workplace.

• Are you experiencing difficulties with your boss or co-workers?
• Do you want to resolve tension and dysfunction between teams and departments?
• Is your team not as effective as it could be?
• Do you have difficulties setting the direction of your team or business?
• Are you facing tough choices in your career path?
• Do you feel stuck in your business life?
• Are you struggling to grow your business?

If you answer yes, to any of the above questions, then join us on Saturday evenings for a powerful experience of re-solutions that will clearly offer you new choices and possibilities in which to move forward.

The Constellations will be facilitated by Carl Buchheit and Volker Frank.

Based on the systemic constellations work of German therapist, Bert Hellinger, we observe the deep impact the relationships at the workplace and the history of organizations have on what works and where people and organizations get stuck. Work and Business constellations offer first hand experiences of underlying relationship patterns that create the unwanted situation and offers re-solutions and new perspectives that allows the situation to change naturally and in a sustainable way.

We also bring our personal family dynamics into the workplace and see them reflected in our careers. During this evening we will, whenever helpful, use constellations to clarify how our professional and personal spheres overlap and what internal shifts will bring new energy and expansiveness into our professional lives.

By working gently, honestly and directly with facts, rather than beliefs or our story, we can discover how our attitudes and stances contribute to the difficult situations we find ourselves in and how we can contribute to creating a shift in the prevailing dynamics.


Saturday evening: 7:00 - 10:00 PM

February 9

March 29

June 7

August 23

November 22


Novato Oaks Inn (Map)

215 Alameda del Prado

Novato, CA 94949



Register by email or phone. Space is limited so reserve your place ahead of time.

Call us to learn more about the approach and how we can support you.

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