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Volker Frank Consulting is offering services in association with the following strategic partners:



The Growth Solution Group provides integrated solutions focused on organizational growth and business success. Our mission is to aid companies grow and provide strategic advice and tactical help in addressing mission critical business challenges and corporate transitions.


Business Foundations supports transformation in the lives of employees, managers and executives that sustain the corporate structure. We have earned the trust of leading Bay Area businesses and organizations – assisting with cultural assessments, change initiatives, leadership training and executive coaching.

For the past 25 years, Annelisa MacBean, founder and director, has accumulated a unique blend of experiences and perspectives in her roles as entrepreneur, investor, teacher, business consultant and psychotherapist. She is passionate about translating her understanding of human developmental strategies into the corporate vernacular, specifically as this cutting edge information relates to project execution and human interactions in the business setting. 


The following links provide information about colleagues we know well and whose complementary services we value.

Career consulting and Organizational Constellations

Deborah Frangquist

Family Constellations

NLP Marin

Peter DeVries