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Mastering Relationship Dynamics

Learn how to reduce stress and confusion

Are you aware of the cost of difficult relationships? Miscommunication, lack of trust, defensiveness are the result of poor relationships and exact a toll - both financial and emotional. All relationships have their stress points. However, if you know how to manage your way through them, you will have increased effectiveness and satisfaction working with others. Strong relations are built on good communication and trust. Yet, information processing styles vary among people. We respond to how we are communicated with.

Successful people know how to bridge the differences among information processing styles. They know that misunderstandings and miscommunications can undermine what you seeking to do. Strong relationships are built on good communication and understanding information processing styles, which builds trust.

In this fast-paced 3-hour seminar, you will learn:

How communication styles influences you and others. What are you paying attention to and how does that influence what is important to you and assume will be important to others?

What the 6 communication styles are. There are 6 distinct styles that have a tremendous impact on what is considered important - and therefore what needs to happen to build trust and clear communication.

How to identify and respond to styles. Once you know how somebody takes in information, makes decisions and moves into action, you can respond and communicate in ways that will make a lot of sense to the other person. Now that builds trust and good relationships.

This is a deceptively simple approach to making sense of relationships that will provide you actionable benefits right way, while providing more depth and ways to refine your interactions with other people for a long time.

The seminar provides rich information in short segments that you will explore and apply right away with others. It is structured in a way that each information style will learn and experience the material in a way that suits them best and provides a great learning experience.

Here is what one of our participants has to say about the experience: I learned about this last month, and for the first time in my entire life, I totally understand why I experience "reality" the way I do, as well as why others do, say, think and feel what they do. This is probably the most useful thing I have learned in my entire life.

All of a sudden, I can see why people are so different, in a way that goes beyond conditioning, personality, karma or even preferences... And I see it all with no judgments. I see it with understanding. I also have compassion for myself in a new way... I see that things that were huge challenges and points of conflict in different relationships were simply issues because we had different information processing styles. And now I can recognize that and work with my strengths and other's strengths, and not consider myself or others "wrong". This is totally life-changing! This is essential information for anyone who wants to make their life easier--and more FUN!!!


Thursday, September 4: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM


Net Biz Experts Training Center (Map)

55 Mitchell, Suite 3

San Rafael, CA 94903


$90 - Early Bird Special $75, offer expires on 9/1

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Please call or email me for more information. Space is limited so reserve your place soon.

About Us

True North is a collaboration of Michael North, Volker Frank and Sanford Friedman. We offer classes and custom made seminars that improve human dynamics. Our classes are Mastering Relationship Dynamics, Managing Your Stress Style and Working with your Success Style. These classes can be customized for internal business teams as well.

True North also can work with individual teams and companies on Finding Out What Your True Culture Style is as well as Deploying Effective Long Term Product Strategies.

Upcoming True North Classes in 2008:

Managing Your Stress Style is a 3-hour highly interactive seminar where you will learn:

What is my normal style of approaching a situation.
How do I react when stress levels go up.
What are the fastest ways for me to regain balance and perspective.

October 23, 10 am - 1 pm

Working with your Success Style: Achieving your goals your way... is a technique rich 3-hour class that will show you:

How do I create meaningful goals for my life that make sense for me.
What is my natural success style.

What are techniques to use my success style to find a path to my goals.

November 13, 10 am - 1 pm

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