strategic planning

Strategic Planning is a powerful activity and an essential aspect of leading an organization. Most leaders have a sense of direction for their businesses or projects and hold a vision for what the desired outcome could be.  The challenge lies in how to communicate the vision and how to direct the flow of projects toward the desired goals.  Unintentional miscommunication often leads to misalignment between team members, confusion and cross-purpose efforts.


The strategic plan is the tool that will allow leaders to meet those challenges in a manageable way and has a profound impact on the work environment. First and foremost the planning team becomes aligned and committed to the direction the organization is going. It creates transparency on many levels. Everybody can see what is going on across the organization and grasp departmental and individual efforts within the bigger picture. The plan captures status information over time and creates mutual accountability to meet shared objectives. The resulting improvements in collaboration and coordination are reflected in the achievements of the organization.


Over a 3-day period, we facilitate strategic planning sessions, out of which a 3-5 year plan emerges that everyone references like a road map. This map identifies clearly where the organization stands today and articulates what it will take to meet future goals. As new opportunities or challenges arise, changes in priorities and new goals are added to the plan, communicating the changes easily and effectively to a broad audience.


Volker Frank Consulting is in partnership with the online software “Strategic Management Advantage”.  As a complement to the strategic planning sessions this tool enables organizations to manage and maintain their strategic plan effectively and with minimal effort. Information on goal status, changes and amendments are centrally accessible and easily communicated. The broad range of reports allows leaders and managers to quickly determine where they need to focus their attention and make proactive decisions.