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Has stress taken over your life?
You can create your own stress reduction program!

Reduce Your Stress and Reclaim Your Life

"Everybody talks about the weather - nobody does anything about it." Mark Twain.

Stress is very much like the weather - it is a fact of life in 21st century. However we can choose our reaction to it. Different things create stress for each of us, and we each react to stress differently. Ignoring stress does not mean that its ill effects do not have an impact on you, your relationships, and your life. Challenging situations interfere with your natural flow of life. It is your reaction to them that can make the situation better or worse.

Resourceful people have learned how to stay in the natural flow of life. They neutralize their fear and anxiety that comes up in challenging situations allowing them to find positive responses and solutions. That is possible because they know themselves and how they react in a challenging situation. So they are able to have multiple ways to mitigate their reactions and choose constructive ways to handle challenges.

In this fast-paced 3 hour seminar, you will learn:

How to recognize your natural response to challenging situations. While there are many different kinds of challenges we respond in generally predictable patterns.

What the 7 stress styles are. You will discover your own unique reaction pattern to stressful circumstances.

What the 3 tools to recover from stress are. These tools can be used by themselves or in combination to give you flexibility in your response and resolution. They reflect your unique personality and style.

How to identify and respond to the stress of others. This is a insightful approach to noticing the patterns of important people in your life and refining your response to times when they are stressed.

The seminar provides rich information in short segments, that you will explore and apply right away with others. It is structured in a way that provides deep insights, is interactive and we'll have fun together. It is a new course for us and we will highly appreciate your feedback about the content and how useful it is for you.


Thursday, November 11: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM


Net Biz Experts Center (Map)

55 Mitchell, Suite 3

San Rafael, CA 94903


Special Introductory offer $25

Register online

Please call or email me for more information. Space is limited so reserve your place soon.

About Us

True North is a collaboration of Michael North, Volker Frank and Sanford Friedman. We offer classes and custom made seminars that improve human dynamics. Our classes are Mastering Relationship Dynamics, Managing Your Stress Style and Working with your Success Style. These classes can be customized for your specific business needs.

True North also works with individual teams and companies on Finding Out What Your True Culture Style is as well as Deploying Effective Long Term Product Strategies.

Upcoming True North Classes:

Working with your Success Style: Achieving your goals your way... is a technique rich 3-hour class that will show you:

How do I create meaningful goals for my life that make sense for me.
What is my natural success style.

What are techniques to use my success style to find a path to my goals.

Date and time to be announced

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